Westoid.com is now officially closed!

Westoid.com began as a four page website in February 1999. Coded in a shabby bedroom in Coventry, England, by an editorial team of two, westoid.com eventually grew to be one of the most interesting sites in the history of the interwebs, often racking up several visitors in the same week.

During it's incredibly successful run over 10 fantastic years, westoid.com brought a unique insight into the lives of its main creator, John Schneider, his family, friends and associates; westoid.com was a real blast!

Sadly, or maybe inevitably, with the changing face of internet fashions, and in particular the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, the need for constant updates to the site eventually became too demanding. When link rot set in towards the end of 2010, and without the necessary inclination to revamp the site (thus tarnishing the memory of one of the web's most fascinating places), the westoid.com management team took the decision to close the site's cyber doors for the last time on May 24, 2011.

Thank you all for wasting time with us over the years!